My $6,000 Grocery Bill

Tax time got me thinking: how much do we spend on groceries a year? I have 5 kids and 2 adults to grocery shop for, so admittedly we're a big household; but, if we were normal (I wish) and anything like the typical middle-class American household, that would be $5,799 per year spent on food - or about 12.4% of income.

What Fish Should You Feed Your Family?

Fish can be a tough sell in some families. The NOAA estimates that Americans only eat about half as much fish as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend. But don't forget about fish (and shellfish) when you're picking powerful protein foods to serve up to your family!

Sippy Cup Showdown

As a dietitian and mom to 5 kids age 2 and under, I think I KNOW some of the infant feeding guidelines, but I know I also FEEL some of them.This came to light recently when I was considering the best time to transition my baby quadruplets from the bottle to a cup.