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Why Puffs are My Peanut Protein of Choice

Why Puffs are My Peanut Protein of Choice

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I received no financial compensation from any brands mentioned in the post. I did receive complementary product from Puffworks to review for the post. 


It's Food Allergy Awareness Week, which is a great time to take stock of the fact that 15 million Americans live with food allergies. You probably even know someone with a food allergy - and if you spend time around kids, there's a very good chance you know a child with peanut allergy.


Peanut Allergy in Perspective

Peanut allergy is one of the most common food allergies, but the way we go about preventing peanut allergy is anything but common. It used to be that practitioners recommended avoiding peanuts for infants in the hopes that would prevent allergy. But new research has shown quite remarkably, that the earlier introduction of peanut protein appears to be protective against development of peanut allergy.

So now we have a whole new set of guidelines about how to introduce peanuts to babies...but many parents are still confused by the best way to do this. (Check out my previous post about feeding peanuts to babies to get familiar with the new guidelines.)


Providing Peanut Protein

Many parents have heard the advice to start offering peanut protein to babies between 4-6 months of age. But how exactly do you go about doing that? 

There's a whole set of instructions from the NIH that parents can follow to introduce peanut protein to their baby. But many parents are looking for an easier option - and up until this point, they've used Bamba.

Bamba is a corn puff with peanut that is popular in Israel and fed to small children there. Bamba was actually the product used in the LEAP trial that was proven to be effective and safe to feed to infants. But unfortunately it doesn't taste that great, especially if you're a peanut butter purist!


Better than Bamba

Up until this point, if parents wanted an easy and safe prepackaged product intended to introduce peanut protein to their baby, Bamba was about the only way to do it. Until now. 

A new product called Puffworks Peanut Butter Puffs is making its way into the convenient, crunchy puff market. Puffworks is a Portland, OR company that's basically making a better Bamba. 

Right now they have crunchier puffs for older kids and adults - and they're a crowd favorite at our house!

As a dietitian mom of 7 kids - 5 of whom eat solids and have had Bamba - I'd previously been a pretty regular purchaser of Bamba because it's such an easy way to give my kids peanut protein from the time they were 6 months old. 

But when I was introduced to Puffworks, the first thing I thought was, "Hey, this is a better Bamba". And I say "better" for a number of reasons:

  • Puffworks is organic and non-GMO so it's made with quality ingredients, which matter because I'm feeding my kids here
  • Puffworks has a super simple ingredient list with just 3 ingredients: whole grain corn, peanut butter and salt
  • Puffworks tastes amazing, which is a much welcomed change from Bamba which I've always thought tasted quite musty and stale, even from a newly opened bag

Puffworks Baby Peanut Butter Puffs

So I mentioned that Puffworks has an existing line of peanut butter puffs that appeal to toddlers, children and adults alike (you can check out their products here)... 

...but Puffworks is also launching Baby Peanut Butter Puffs which:

  • Dissolve quickly
  • Are easy for babies to hold and self-feed
  • Contain enough peanut protein to properly introduce babies to peanut protein

Help Launch Puffworks Baby Puffs

Right now Puffworks has a Kickstarter campaign to fund and deliver Puffworks baby. If you want to help bring this product to market, head over to check out their page here.

I think it's about time someone improved the baby food peanut butter puff, and I'm glad Puffworks is going to be doing just that!





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