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Changing My Tune About Frozen Food

Changing My Tune About Frozen Food

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Beyond frozen bags of vegetables and berries that are out of season, I don't normally give a lot of thought to the freezer aisle when I'm grocery shopping. Truth is, outside of plain old produce - there's not usually a whole lot going on in this section of the store that's worth writing about.

But I recently discovered Tommy's Superfoods...and I'm happy to admit that Tommy's Superfoods caused me to change my tune when it comes to frozen food!

You see, most frozen food is loaded with tons of salt or tends to be a frozen variety of foods you shouldn't be eating that much of to begin with (I'm talking about you frozen pizza....). But, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Tommy's Superfoods is light years ahead when it comes to healthy offerings that just happen to be found in your freezer aisle.

Tommy's Superfoods makes "farm fresh, flash frozen, fork friendly" foods. Flash frozen foods are processed at the peak of freshness and frozen quickly to help lock in flavor and nutrients. All of Tommy's Superfoods products are interesting combinations of vegetables and plant foods that are crazy delicious, but made with simple ingredient lists that don't include a ton of salt.

Thanks to samples provided by Tommy's Superfoods, we recently tried out two of their awesome superfood offerings: Fiesta Quinoa and Cauliflower and Green Beans. Since we don't do a lot of frozen foods, I think our quadruplets were pretty surprised to see some of their dinner come out of the freezer drawer!

Cooking for 7 people day in and day out can take its toll. And I'm all for creative options when it comes to convenience foods. I'm even more a fan of easy-to-prepare wholesome foods that the kids can help cook up too. Molly helped me make the Cauliflower & Green Beans - which you can do either in the microwave or on the stovetop.

Now, I don't know about you, but I sometimes get stumped when it comes to making creative seasoning combinations for vegetables that I feed our family...so, I loved the subtle seasoning and flavor of the Cauliflower and Green beans that I didn't have to worry about coming up with on my own!

As a dietitian, I was also pretty stoked to learn that all of the Tommy's Superfoods products are low sodium (meaning they have 140 mg sodium or less per serving) and non-GMO project verified. They're also gluten free, and I love the Tommy's Superfoods tagline, "When you let the veggies do the talking they have so many wonderful things to say."

For dinner, we paired the Tommy's Superfoods Cauliflower and Green beans with a kale pesto pasta and some ground seasoned turkey (leftover lasagna filling from the previous night's dinner :)

The quads loved trying a new twist on one of their favorite foods (cauliflower) and it was the first thing they went for on their dinner plates. I'd have to agree that everyone is on board with my newfound love of Tommy's Superfoods!

As a full-blown fan of Tommy's Superfoods, I also had the opportunity to work with them on a recent broadcast segment all about getting your diet in summer shape, which you can check out below:

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