Is Goat Milk Easier to Digest?

I get many inquiries from parents asking about alternatives to cow’s milk for their toddlers. Moms who quit dairy when breastfeeding wonder, “Should I try an alternative that might be easier to digest, like goat milk?”

HELP! My Baby is Constipated

Starting solid foods means some serious changes are coming to a baby’s diaper near you! Constipation is a very real - and really challenging - side effect of moving away from a liquids-only diet. Why is your baby constipated? Is it even a problem? And if so…what can you do?

Bringing it With "Beefshi"

Beefshi is an innovative new culinary concept, putting a twist on traditional sushi using convenient beef products. Check out this “Sunday Supper Beefshi” recipe…it’s a novel way to stretch roast beef beyond that same old sandwich you’ve been serving forever!

BLW Mess Management 101

I love a self-feeding baby as much as the next mom, but I know that many people are put off of baby-led weaning because of the mess. And while it’s not really possible - or practical - to create a totally mess-free environment, here are a few ways you can mitigate the mess with a BLW baby.

Sippy Cup vs. Open-Cup

Your baby's mouth is busy during his first year of life, right? There's the breast or bottle to get used to, for some families a pacifier to perfect and then starting solids at around the 6 month mark. But what's up with cups?